I’m currently revising a contemporary, edgy YA novel with elements of romance and suspense. I’m also honing my craft by experimenting with short story writing. I’ve outlined two YA novellas, and those will be my next projects once final revisions are complete on my novel. I read and write to understand our shared human experiences and to connect with the perspectives, ideas, and growth of people.

My love of literacy began when my grandmother took me to the library. Signing my name for my own library card at age four is one of my earliest memories. Elementary school became a haven of learning for me. After all, it was filled with my favorite things–books and paper and writing utensils. It was my dream to inspire the love of learning in children and to help others, so I became a teacher. I was blessed and fulfilled to have been a public school educator and homeschool mom for many years.

After closing the chapter on my teaching career, I began to pursue writing to fulfill another life goal. I was a blogger for a bit before jumping into paying freelancing, creating education and parenting content. I also had a gig as a celebrity news writer. Fiction is my focus now.

My other interests include collecting children’s literature, bacon, reaching the state of “happily caffeinated” for productivity purposes, snowflakes, and a few nerdy girl things. I live in rural Illinois with my husband, daughter, and two persnickety, yet lovable, cats. I hope you’ll follow me on tumblr where I reblog book, writing, and character images and thoughts that represent YA/NA  in books, movies, and TV. Who knows–you may catch me writing a post of my own or blogging a line or two from my current WIP.

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